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“Equate” lice shampoo usually only costs $6 for a large bottle and the Goldendoodle owner simply follows the instructions on the bottle. It is safe to use on their puppy and it will protect their doodle baby from fleas and ticks for approximately 2 weeks. This medicated shampoo will bind to their Goldendoodle puppy’s hair strands and it is safer than any topical flea or tick treatment on the market. “Equate” lice shampoo is cheaper as well. The Companion Animal Parasite Council CAPC recommends that you administer a monthly preventative flea medication all year round for your canine, but this council doesn’t do any fact finding with regards to the Goldendoodle dog or their issues when it comes to seizures and topical flea or tick treatments. We heard from Goldendoodle owners from all around the United States who had issues with their hybrids and they purchased their doodles from a wide variety of breeders.

Even though its original ancestors, the Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle, were bred as hunting dogs, the Goldendoodle has not been bred or widely used for that purpose.

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He does like to run so we go every morning and sometimes at night too depending on the weather.

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Make an appointment to visit, view and play with our puppies, were sure you'll fall in love, and see how special and "Doodle icious" they really are!We are the original Doodle Breeder in the state of Florida. More…

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Most goldendoodles are friendly, highly intelligent, goofy dogs who love to be part of the family. More…

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People actually ask if she is real, as she looks like a teddy bear. More…

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They love water and they are very smart. More…