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Based on which variety of the Poodle generally miniature or standard is used in breeding, the size of the Goldendoodle ranges from approximately 25 pounds, 13 inches tall to 90 pounds, 29 inches tall. The coat of this mixed breed ranges from a shaggy, retriever type coat to a curly, Poodle type variety. Most Goldendoodle coats fall somewhere in between. The color can be black, grey, chocolate, cream, gold, or multi color. These adorable dogs have floppy ears and a long tail. We are a small 80 acre Ranch, located in Huntington, Arkansas, where we have plenty of room for our dogs to run and be dogs.

“We began using the oil in our products because we feel that pets should be benefiting from this magnificent oil as much as humans are.

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Thanks for all you do to produce such remarkable companions, a true member of the family.

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