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But Thomas aims to feed and walk and monitor her activities with such obsessive precision, it often leads me to roll my eyes. But Thomas grew up with just one pet: a giant, drooling Saint Bernard named Sam whom Thomas got for his second birthday. Sam was fed at the same time every day and taken on walks on a leash around the neighborhood. When Thomas started school, the dog waited with him at the end of the driveway for the bus each morning. The dog came to know his schedule so well that he walked to the same spot and waited for him to come home each afternoon, too. Sam’s life was so well monitored, in fact, that when he slept in the family garage at night, Thomas' parents kept the automatic door opener on their nightstand.

One child about 6 years old hadn't walked in months and the hospital staff was trying to get her out of her bed just to stand.

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a delightful member of the family!He's full of himself, but a great part of the family!Thanks again for these wonderful animals!""We had the good fortune to hear about Sue and her Doodles before we searched for a puppy.

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The dogs rotate between spending time in the house with us and our kids, or out on the farm, or out in the yard. More…

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He is losing a lot of hair when I brush him, as well. More…

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We traveled 5 hours home with her with NO problems at all after picking her up. More…