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In the 3 years of visiting sick children she had some pretty awesome experiences that I was fortunate enough to share with her. One child about 6 years old hadn't walked in months and the hospital staff was trying to get her out of her bed just to stand. Her father spotted Mandy and I in the hallway and asked if we could come over to his daughter's room and wait outside the door. The little girl managed to not only get out of bed but with the help of her walker made it to the door so she could pet Mandy. The little girl cried all the way and kept asking for Mandy to come inside but with the help of her Nurse she made it. By the time the girl met us at the door we were all in tears. Mambo was actually purchased for my Wife, Terry. The idea with Mambo was Terry would take her to all her training classes, as that would have Mambo respond to Her commands. From the very beginning we had intended to have Terry be a Therapy Dog handler with Mambo. We let Kelli know this and it factored into her choosing Mambo for us. Mambo started training at only 12 weeks old, starting with basic puppy class.

However, they do not tend to be noisy.

goldendoodle rescue near pa

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