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The first generation of the English Goldendoodle displays what is commonly referred to as “hybrid vigor,” a certain phenomenon in animal breeding where the first cross between two different purebreds comes out healthier and develops better than the actual parents. These hybrids are known to be excellent family dogs – intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. The backcross Goldendoodle, dubbed F1B, is produced by crossing a Poodle with a first generation Goldendoodle. These Goldendoodles tend to be more successful for non shedding traits, and are recommended for homes with allergy prone family members. Goldendoodles come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. The coat is usually varies from wavy to curly and can grow for up to 2 3 inches in length.

If you prefer a cream, curly, male only, for example, we’re happy to accommodate.

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""Bodie is such an amazing dog and our lives are so much better with him in it!He has an amazing temperament, was very quick/easy to train, and continues to charm everyone he meets!Our 65lb ball of fluff gets along with every dog/person he meets and loves cuddling with his family!We continue to be stopped by admirers on our walks around town and we always sing the praises of McKenzie Doodles!: This past October, Bodie added the title of "big brother" to his resume, and has been wonderful with the new addition to our family.

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